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In this Credit Angel review we’ve taken a look at the features of the service and how it can benefit customers. We found this tech savvy company to really pull out all the stops, providing a detailed and accurate assessment.

Our team of experts sat down to experience this company and their full-circle features, incentive schemes and more.

Awarded in 2017 for their company benefits and incentives, it goes without saying that this business is one to be reckoned with, you will find credit reports, scores, alerts, identity protection, social reports, tailored loans and credit cards, ways to improve your current credit score and other additional benefits all at their domain.


What We Liked:
  • The most in-depth information of all tested services
  • Easily rebuild your credit file with their helpful tips
  • Unlimited Access

We Didn't Like:
  • Great support but no live chat option
  • Not easy to find the cancel option

Your Credit Angel Report
Your Credit Angel Report

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What is Credit Angel?

Credit Angel arrived on the scene around a decade ago and since then it’s success has been no secret – the team behind it are recognised for their helpful service and have even received accolades in their time.

They were formed by Quint Group Ltd back in 2009 and even after just a couple of years operating within the sector they soon made a name for themselves.

Fast-forward and Credit Angel are now a go-to service for many people when it comes to carrying out reports and monitoring utilities.

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Who is it for?

This service is aimed at those who’d prefer to be meticulous about their credit score and use all the tools available to them, their team leaves no stone unturned as they use social media, profiles and other reports that creditors use in addition to their scoring system.

Although some consumers may not require that type of depth, many are now seeking this kind of accurate reporting as the fast-paced industry now has more layers to the way they accumulate a report.

They use social profile monitoring and 24/7 notifications, so if you’re looking for the perfect service then it could be worth signing up to this fast-growing website. Other people may be interested in sites like or various others. We would recommend having a read of a few of our Credit Report Reviews prior to signing up.

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It’s possible to get a free credit score by simply signing up and enjoying the free trial that accompanies that process – you can instantly see your credit score with some details and also see how lenders view you from their perspective.

There’s some immense information included such as loans, credit-cards, mobile phones, mortgages, balances, payment amounts and address history, so it can be important for all of us to get an insight of what’s noted down on their screens and the possibility of gaining credit in the future.

The Credit Angel login is so simple just like many of the other sites we have reviewed. If you are interested to find out more information on our Equifax review or any of the others, please explore our site further.

How can I sign up for a free report?

It’s really simple to sign-up: Visit the site, input your details and your access is instant. It’s an on-going service that can be integral for you to monitor, it’s £14.99 a month but the first 30 days are free.

You can sign-up to Credit Angel using the following steps:

  1. View their website and click onto “Start Your Free Trial”
  2. Input your details including e-mail, address and more
  3. Authenticate your account and then you’re ready to login and view your finance information

The overall signing up process was very pleasant and it took us no time whatsoever. Once you’ve typed in a few details that take all of just seconds, you can then confirm your account and login. From there you gain instant access and can carry out a basic credit score.

You will be privy to some interesting and vital details right away – but much of the importance comes hereafter with checks, monitoring and other reports that will be sent to you throughout the month.

The free trial will check your score and you can also see what else the program offers as they give you all the access that other paying customers receive. Also check out our My Credit Monitor review to see the free trial features offered by this brand as well.

You can then decide whether you’d like to continue or cancel the account once you’ve gained what you need.

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What Information Can I Find Out?

As you’ve probably already noticed, this bespoke company is one that takes their role very seriously and that means plenty of information depth. If you’ve got a bad score then it’s natural to want to seek the reasons why, but sometimes it’s not always identifiable and that’s where this service steps in.

They offer so much information that’s collected from a multitude of platforms. You will soon start to see why your score is high or low and ways in which you can combat a poor credit rating.

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They collect their information from past credit-cards, mobile phones, loans and any other contracts you may have had in recent years. They also take into account missed payments, CCJ’s and other penalising factors.

They take into account the same aspects a potential lender would, another place they glean data is from social media profiles. They officially get all data from Callcredit Consumer Ltd and use other technology to stay up to date with your score.

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Services & Features

Here’s a list of Credit Angel’s features:

  • Credit report and credit score
  • Real time notifications and identity protection
  • Social media report and score
  • Direct you to tailored loans and credit-cards perfect for you
  • Improve your score
  • On-going services

You can get your free credit report via their trial and from there on after you will get regular updates on your score and other features too.

The above-mentioned features are all you need to unravel your score, see what the creditors get to look at and of course, start improving it. This is the type of approach that true professionals give you, as it’s one of the more complex procedures that leaves nothing to chance.

The report they physically provide you with includes a complete list with each and every items and financial history. You can see what’s outstanding, what you have paid in the past and other things that may be beneficial or detrimental to your score.

The service from start to finish certainly impressed our reviewers. It’s a thorough service with additional features that are hard to come by at other websites.

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Dispute Process and File Correction

This is an element of the company that seems underrepresented upon joining as they rarely provide the information on how you can dispute a score and apply for a file correction.

What is a file correction and dispute?

When being put forward to a credit report you have the right to appeal the score if you have reason to believe it’s inaccurate.

How can Credit Angel Help?

If you’ve joined with this team of professionals then you can expect help with your dispute process, they will be able to discover on whether it’s worth a dispute claim or not. The best way to go about this is to give them a call or e-mail them at [email protected].

Improve Your Credit Score

How Often is Data Updated?

Acting as a continuous service to assist your finances, they update as they go. Your report will be updated every four to six weeks and they also give you live updates on potential fraud and other scores such as your social report. If there’s urgent information then you will receive it via e-mail or telephone.

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They’re a safe service that take many precautions when handling your personal data. With so much confidential information it’s only right that a company like this take good care and ensure safety throughout all processes – this is something they commit too and despite asking for permission to use your social media profile for monitoring they will in no way need to log into your account or be able to access this at any point.

They also won’t be able to look at finances and have access other details at any time. For more information on your credit report, please visit our homepage and you will be able to read our detailed guide and advice.

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Help & Support

Their service is easy to use and they put your mind at rest by ensuring you know how the whole process works. It’s likely that you will have questions before joining Credit Angel, but after a look around their website you’ll be ready to sign-up and if it is the service for you, you will be glad to know you get more information upon signing-up.

Credit Angel Contact Number

If you still have questions or you are an existing member with a question then e-mail [email protected] or call the contact number on 0345 2221550.


The subscription will automatically continue until you cancel them. If you do not want Credit reporting or Credit score services anymore you can cancel them easily by sending a request to [email protected].

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Our Verdict

If you want to leave no stone unturned and want a meticulous team of professionals to break down your score, report and help you understand the reasons why social media profiles play a part in credit scores in this day and age then this is the company for you.

They have an abundance of vital information, numerous features and are easy to get in contact. They could have offered a live chat feature and a bit more detail on their dispute procedure but overall this is one of the best credit report companies for a reason. It’s easy to sign-up and it’s just as easy to cancel at any time.

It doesn’t take an expert to use their service and they also help with the parts that you don’t know much about, their overall facility gets a big thumbs up from us!

8.6 Total Score
Credit Angel Review

Credit Angel offers a range of services to help those looking to find out more information on their credit rating.

8.6Expert Score
Ease of Use
Value for Money
9.1User's score
Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • The most in-depth information of all tested services
  • Easily rebuild your credit file with their helpful tips
  • No live chat option
  • Not easy to find the cancel button
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  1. 4.5
    Ease of Use
    Value for Money

    I’ve been using Credit Angel for a couple of years now and I’ve been able to turn my credit situation around. I initially joined out of curiosity (and the fact that it was totally free to begin with) but I’ve stayed with them because of the way they’ve helped me to repair my credit file.

    I was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy but now I’ve got a credit card and I’ve just applied for a personal loan. Couldn’t be happier with their service and really worth every penny.

    + PROS: Love the website, it's really easy to use
    - CONS: Support took time to get hold of on the phone
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  2. 4.6
    Ease of Use
    Value for Money

    I kept getting denied whenever applying for credit on something and didn’t understand why as I always pay my bills on time. In turns out there was a bill registered at an old address I no longer live at.

    + PROS: Very up to date
    - CONS: No refer a friend scheme
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