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Recognised as one of the biggest names in the field we took it on ourselves to see what Equifax are all about.

We enjoyed their service from a customer standpoint and experienced all they have to offer- read our in-depth Equifax review to find out whether this is the credit report service for your needs.

One of the attributes they’re mostly known for is their capability to deter fraud protection and monitor any harmful identity activities, despite this they also have a credit report service that can be enjoyed with a monthly payment.

You can sign-up with their free trial and enjoy the first 30 days, after what we’ve seen we’d definitely recommend at least getting your free credit check that includes unlimited online access, details and protection.

We were very impressed with the professionalism and how they make a special attempt to educate consumers on getting a better credit score and also staying safe online.

One other notable feature is the dispute resolution, this is something that’s tough to get information about on many websites but this comes as standard with their package.


What We Liked:
  • Good phone support
  • Web monitoring

We Didn't Like:
  • Phone support not available after 8pm
  • Some reports don’t work as expected

Your Equifax Report

Get your credit report with Equifax! The site offers plenty of additional features and great support.

Free Trial 14.95

Equifax Credit Report

Signing-up is a simple process and can be done from your laptop or mobile phone, simply visit their website and opt for the free Equifax credit report and score that they offer.

This is free due to their month trial, you will need to input your payment details but you can cancel before entering the payment phase, plus you can cancel thereafter too- so it could be worth enjoying their finance advice and credit reports as you’re free to cancel as you feel.

If you are interested in finding out about other options available to you, please see our Credit Reports Matter review and other brands.

What will you need to sign-up?

  1. All of your addresses from the past six years
  2. Current account and personal details
  3. Mobile phone contract information
  4. Credit and store cards

That’s all you need- and if you have those four things ready to go, then you can join Equifax credit report service within seconds.

You’ll be able to enjoy exclusive features in the month’s trial including identity protection, credit monitoring, education, and online dispute protection and regular notifications. Overall the Equifax login is super simple, so why not sign up today?


Depth of Information

A lot of their emphasis is on identity protection but that doesn’t mean that they lack in other areas- as they display some insightful information sure to educate customers and also have a breakdown that can help you understand your score in more detail.

They could improve by offering more detail on loans and credit out there- they don’t recommend particular companies or guide you towards lenders that could cater for your specific needs and credit score.

Another company that has a full depth of information is UK Credit Ratings, please read our review on this for more details.

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Service & Features

They provide the ultimate service as the well-rounded package includes identity protection that keeps information secure, 24/7 monitoring and accurate credit reports that have an itemized breakdown of financial history, outstanding finance and other aspects to your score.

What’s more, they also offer some education that can help towards improving your overall credit score.

You receive unlimited access and there’s a lot to enjoy as they really look after you with notifications, fraud protection and a report update. Their files update every four to six weeks, so you will get the most recent version of your Equifax credit score.

The Equifax services include:

  • Unlimited access to your credit report
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Notifications of changes
  • Plenty of information for Equifax credit score improvement
  • Alerts from their fraud protection team
  • Access to WebDetect utility
  • Online dispute resolution

They haven’t got a social media tracker or anything that can monitor social algorithms currently affecting our credit scores but they have got plenty of material that can help them not only provide an accurate report but also prevent you from becoming a fraud victim. Various other sites protect you against fraud, including Credit Angel and more.

Credit Report Help

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Dispute & File Correction

One of the fantastic things about their package is that they openly accept that these types of enquiries fall under their responsibility, they happily offer you help with dispute resolutions and file corrections.

Many companies rarely reveal where they stand with this and you have to make a specific attempt to enquire about it, it’s usually a lengthy process.

In this case you can enjoy this as part of your service and they help instruct you on filing a dispute.

Why file a Dispute?

This usually occurs when you have approached a lender for credit and they have rejected you based on an inaccurate credit score.

With this service you have a pack of financial experts at your backing, you can contact Equifax and they will be able to look into this case, if they also feel that you have been treated unfairly then you can appeal the decision as the rejection will only negatively impact your score.

If you wish to get help on a dispute or feel you have grounds to make an appeal then get in contact with their team today and they can work with you to make a file correction claim.

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Ease of Use

With such a big global base of customers they have to make it easy to use, and this service is definitely that, they break down your credit report so it’s easy to understand.

You can look over specific items on your report and also enjoy their list of information that helps you learn ways to improve your score.

Overall it is a very simple platform that helps you understand your score and the depth that these experts go in to. Although there’s some complex formulas and software working tirelessly in the background to conduct an accurate credit report and keeping your identity safe, it is surprisingly very easy to use.

The whole process from signing up to using their unlimited reports and data is an easy task, but if you are stuck they have a team on hand ready to support you.

Just like Experian CreditExpert, this site is quite simple to navigate around.

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We’ve providing contact details for Equifax here but before enquiring to their call centre you should first read this information and the answers to some of the frequently asked questions to see if you can resolve your query here.

Is it safe to use?

They take care with all your data and also help you protect your identity with the different software they have embedded into the service. It is safe and they are complete professionals in every aspect and this includes how they collect and store your data.

It is not kept in an accessible file and even their employees will not have unlimited access to different financial and personal information of yours.

They also have a very safe system that consists of strong passwords and hard to hack programmes in place, you can use their website without any worries.

Credit rating

Where is the Equifax Call centre?

They are a US based company and over time have made exponential growth that now means they have global reach.

With a big customer base in the UK, it’s only right that they have a UK call centre, you can reach this on the specific contact number that we have listed below.

What is a good Equifax Score?

Their score ranges between 280-850 and is somewhat different from Experian. Equifax use the FICO model to conduct the Equifax credit score that they offer and higher scores suggest a lower credit risk. For more information give them a call or read up on their entire package.

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What is Equifax Limited?

Equifax Limited is a registered company in England and Wales that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Equifax have been around for over 100 years and has brought businesses and consumers together.

Equifax was founded in Atlanta in 1899. It grew quickly and had various offices in the US and Canada in the 1920s. By the 60s it was one of the nations largest credit bureaus. It eventually expanded into commercial credit reports in the US, Canada and the UK. It then became competition to companies like Experian – Read our Experian Review here.

If you would like more information on Equifax Limited, make certain to read this wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equifax

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Equifax Contact Number

You can find a host of various contact numbers and e-mail addresses for different purposes all on this page here.

If you wish to cancel your subscription at any time then call 0800 014 2955, it’s also possible to write to them about any enquiries, address it to- Equifax Ltd
Customer Service Centre, PO Box 10036, Leicester, LE3 4FS.


It is possible to cancel you Equifax account online. Simply log in and select My Accounts – Product Management. You may then cancel your subscription.

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Our Verdict

All in all, it’s a great service and nothing less than we expected with Equifax being a big name in the sector- but they definitely provided everything needed and more. Their customer service is a strength of theirs and the dedication to fraud protection and other security is something that stands out.

They have a number of ways to protect you and this includes 24/7 monitoring and more, use all that they offer by signing-up to their free trial, if you are happy with the service then you can join with the on-going monthly payments of £14.95 and you can also add the Watch Pro service on. There’s no cancellation fee or charge either.

We were certainly impressed with what they delivered and they try to educate customers rather than send a lot of jargon to the e-mail inbox, giving us chance to learn from our mistakes and work on changing our credit score for the future. Equifax lived up to their name and there are a lot of reasons to celebrate their features although they don’t have social media trackers, they do protect your identity, stay on-track 24/7 and alert you when necessary.

They get an A from our assessment as they offer more than what we need and make the whole procedure completely seamless. Find out more about our team here.

6.4 Total Score
Equifax Review

Overall the site offers a range of services and great supports.

6.4Expert Score
Ease of Use
Value for Money
3.2User's score
Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Good phone support
  • Web monitoring
  • Phone support not available after 8pm
  • Some reports don't work as expected
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  1. 0.5
    Ease of Use
    Value for Money

    Every time I tried to access my Equifax account the website wouldn’t recognise my password therefore I had to renew my password each time to try and gain access. I tried calling customer services to report the issue and was on hold for 20 minutes so just gave up. Then tried to call customer service to cancel my account and again on hold for such a longtime I simply gave up.

    I got through to customer services today but unfortunately the call centre is based in the Philippines making it extremely difficult to understand the operatives accent and despite requesting they speak slower they continued to talk so fast it was impossible to catch some words. I explained my case and requested a reimbursement on my subscription due to poor product and poor service. This was declined without discussion.

    Miss Estephanie Salvador – Resolution Specialist & Robert Sarmiento – Call Centre Manager were unwilling to accept any mistake/fault and advised the charges will apply. I have requested a copy of today’s call but Miss Estephanie Salvador was unaware of my rights to having access to such call recording information so it again looks like this will not happen.

    All in all, awful product and worse service. There are many other credit checking providers, my advice is to skip Equifax and choose another

    - CONS: Proceed with extreme caution!
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    • Great feedback Christian and not good the experience you have had there with Equifax.

      We are not connected to their company in anyway shape or form and created the website to show all the possible credit report companies which are listed on this page – https://yourcreditreport.org.uk/

      From your comments and a few others then we have actually positioned Equifax at the bottom of the list.

  2. 2.75
    Ease of Use
    Value for Money

    I found Equifax to be really good when signing up and got the information i needed because they do have a lot of data.

    The dashboard and user experience was great and loved that part.

    But the support when i needed some extra bits was where they fall short.

    I had to open a second credit score account with CHECK MY FILE and they was brilliant throughout.

    + PROS: The data you get is spot on.
    - CONS: There is other credit score agencies better value for money.
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