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If you are aiming to support a friend, a family member or colleague in their application for a loan or finance, you will need to undergo a guarantor credit check of sorts to ensure that you can effectively help them achieve the money they are looking for.

A guarantor on a loan or on a mortgage acts as a default for a borrower, or as a backstop.  This means that if they are unable to repay their creditor for whatever reason, the creditor will then appeal to you for the money owed.  It is important that, if you do sign up as a guarantor in any respect, you make sure that your credit report can offer enough confidence to lenders.  Otherwise, you too may feel the repercussions of being unable to make payments on time.

YourCreditReport helps to support guarantors and borrowers alike in finding out more about their credit file and what may be expected from them when they take out loans and financing options.  Compare and contrast credit referencing from a wide range of trusted sources through our online guide and system.

If you are looking to be a guarantor then you need to carry out a credit check of your personal finances.

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What is a Guarantor on a Loan?

A guarantor on a loan is someone who a borrower will ask to pay for debt on their behalf if they are unable to.  When formally set up and agreed by a lender or creditor, the guarantor will be approached directly for repayments if a borrower fails to make them on time.  Effectively, this person acts as a safety net for both borrowers and lenders, in the sense that the original credit agreement can be kept in place.

A guarantor may also be required in some circumstances where poor financial history comes into play.  For example, if a lender is not satisfied that the credit history of an applicant satisfies their arrangement terms, they can request that the details of a guarantor be supplied as additional confidence.

Not only does this mean that the borrower has funding to fall back on if they fail to make repayments, it also means that the creditor’s demands are guaranteed to be satisfied.

Who can be a Guarantor for a Loan?

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and under the age of 75 can be the guarantor for a loan in the UK.  Providing they are not married to the borrower, an applicant can work in any profession providing they have a solid credit history and can therefore offer confidence to a lender.

This is why it is often so important to have your credit score in check and in good health before agreeing to be the guarantor for any party.

Best Guarantor Loans

The best guarantor loans available to borrowers will be those which offer maximum flexibility and reassurances for all parties.  As a potential guarantor, you have the full right to request what will be expected of you and your information.

Furthermore, you are also entitled to know more about what will happen with regard to your financial profile, too.  However, credit score experts, professionals and agencies will be able to help you understand what to expect from guarantor processing.

Can I Be a Guarantor with Bad Credit?

In some cases, you can be a guarantor with variable credit history.  However, in most cases, you will need to prove to a lender that you will be able to pay back any money that the borrower cannot.  As the lender will be looking for double assurance that their debts can be paid, it is doubly important that you only ever apply for this role if you know that your credit score will reflect your ability to repay.

While you can be a guarantor with a mixed credit history, it is recommended that you ensure your score is up to scratch before you make any applications known. There are many ways of improving your credit score and a lot of them are pretty easy to do.

Guarantor Mortgages for Bad Credit

There are many guarantor mortgages for bad credit available for borrowers throughout the UK – though all will be reliant upon the credit history of the chosen person to some extent.  If a borrower is suffering from poor credit, someone else be required or brought in to satisfy certain arrangement demands.

If you have poor credit, you may or may not be eligible to apply for this role – however, this will vary from lender to lender.  In any case, it is good practice to undertake a thorough guarantor credit check or analysis before you start any applications, on your behalf or on the behalf of anyone else.  It makes sense!

Does Being a Guarantor Affect my Borrowing Capacity?

It is worth bearing mind that the repayment profile of the borrower will directly affect your own credit score.  Therefore, it is in the borrower’s best interests to keep up with repayments as best they can – otherwise, your own credit score as guarantor will be affected as a result.

This, too, will naturally have an effect upon your own ability to borrow money in the future.  Therefore, consider any guarantor applications you file with care in future. You may want to consider a credit file clean up to make sure your finances are in order beforehand.

It is also a good idea to cross-reference your credit score with agencies and experts before you apply – compare with a number of the best UK agencies through YourCreditReport.

Does Being a Guarantor Affect Your Credit Rating?

As advised – your rating may be impacted positively or negatively depending upon your borrower’s ability to repay.  In any case, your credit file may advise that you have had to act as guarantor, and if payments have been defaulted upon, this may affect you negatively – so do take careful consideration when making any applications known!

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