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This well-known credit report expert offers you the chance to learn more about your credit score and also enables you to compare loans, credit cards and mortgages.

Their package offers an array of features that will help you understand your score and how to improve it, not only that but they can recommend tailor-made finance that fits your income and score.

They offer more than a one-off deal, they brandish an entire range of packages and add-ons that you can use. Sign-up to the completely free credit matcher that never charges or use the free trial on their Credit Expert plus there’s alert and statutory add-ons.

In this Experian Credit Expert review we explain how we found the service and some other details that we experienced as a member.


What We Liked:
  • Clear website
  • Easy to use
  • Secure login

We Didn't Like:
  • Long load times on certain data

Your Experian CreditExpert Report
Your Experian CreditExpert Report

Enjoy the very best data at Experian CreditExpert. Sign up now for your credit report!

Free 14.99

About Experian

This established company have a host of features available for businesses, individuals and society. All of the embedded data at their fingertips is used to help them provide the ultimate service that tailors to our needs and you certainly feel that when you see how many different packages and additional features that they have.

According to HitWise, Experian’s CreditExpert UK was the number 1 monitoring service of 2015.

Since forming back in 1996 they have managed to build their customer base to over 200 million with clients that includes a range of businesses and individuals. The Dublin based company is a specialist in this field and offer free assistance on your report. Similar to this, you may also benefit from reading our Experian review, which has similar features with slight changes.

Joining Experian CreditExpert

Their Experian CreditExpert service is easy to join and can be done within seconds – like many other websites of this nature, you just input your details and then take it away.

If you’re looking to improve your credit-score then use their team to help you make the changes that you need, you can also find the loans perfect for you.

If you wish to join then click onto their “Products” page and have a look at the deal that best suits you.

You can enjoy a free Credit Matcher service or opt for the more in-depth Experian Credit Expert that also has a free trial choice, use this and sign-up with just few details. You can then login and enjoy all that they have to offer!

If you would like advice and information on credit reports, please visit this page. Here you can find a guide to your very own credit report.

How to Sign Up

If you are unsure on how to sign up to Experian CreditExpert, the process is pretty simple. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the link on our site
  2. Click the ‘Learn More’ button
  3. Click on the ’30 Day Free Trial’ button
  4. Fill in your personal details – this is basically just your name, date of birth, email address and a few other personal details
  5. Click ‘Continue’
  6. Fill in your payment details
  7. Congratulations! You are now successfully signed up

Yes, it really is that simple, so make sure to sign up today.

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A Detailed Report

The depth of the information they retrieve is detailed yet still laid out and expressed for those with little understanding of computers, technology and finances. They breakdown your credit-score and also outline ways in which you can improve it.

You’ll get a report that highlights how they came up with the score and also what lenders will be looking out for, there’s also tips and tricks on their website although it could be wider. Find out more about the specific products and services they offer, below.

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Services & Features

The peak of their service comes from their trusty Experian CreditExpert package and it offers more than just a report. We were in luck when experimenting with this service, as it’s free with a trial that lasts 30 days. This gives satisfactory time to really delve into the service and features that they offer on Experian Credit Expert.

You will be able to enjoy a report, updates, your score, alerts about any changes; their experts are also readily available to your calls and enquiries. Once the trial ends it costs just £14.99, a fair bit cheaper than many of their counterparts.

Similar features may also be found on My Credit Monitor, so it might be worth reading our review for this too.

They offer a detailed analysis along with other features and potential add-ons but we could criticise the lack of social profile tracking and other technological advances shown at some of the other websites we reviewed.

Overall- they’re a great fit for a finance conscious customer wishing to not only up their knowledge but be able to understand their score and why it’s positive or negative, plus they offer so much advice on how to change it.

You can also use their UK call support whenever you need, call on them for advice when you can’t understand their report.

Service and features available at Experian include that of:

  • Daily Experian credit score
  • A report sent daily
  • Understand & improve your score
  • UK call support
  • Alerts on changes
  • Monitor the web
  • Fraud support

Freedom Background

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Dispute Process and File Correction

When looking at starting a dispute you should firstly check that the information held by the lender is completely inaccurate not just on that day but also any time in the last six weeks.

Simply put- it can take a while for your report and outstandings to sync and it may be information that’s weeks old but this means that their call was accurate. Take a look at our Scores Matter review as well to see more on this similar brand.

If you have had credit refused and you feel it was wrongfully so, then you should take a look at your score and if it isn’t right contact Experian UK, they will be able to assist you with a dispute and help you piece together for a file correction.

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Ease of Use

It is most definitely one of the simpler platforms to utilise, as their team are experts in breaking down information to be easily digested. Signing up can be done instantly and once you are a member a quick login will give you access to everything that you need.

They help you tackle your score and they are another great brand that really emphasis on awesome customer service. They are easy to contact and will deal with you on a personal level.

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Check Credit Rating Free

This is something that everybody should be doing because if we don’t know what our score is we could potentially harm it further. If we apply for a loan or credit with a negative score, we will then be rejected and subsequently make our score worse.

You can get free Experian credit reports either on its own or by making use of the complete  package and the trial. By utilising this free report tool you could improve your score. For details on our credit report site reviews, please get in touch with our team and we will be able to offer you our advice.

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Experian Credit Expert

It’s a thorough service that takes a number of factors into account, this allows them to replicate what lenders see and offer another perspective on your score. They can give you an insight into this and will also help you file any corrections or disputes where you feel you’ve been unjustly rejected.

Get your free credit score online, we were well impressed with what they had to offer and they made it so easy. Although the complete report was lacking with social media and web extensions, overall there’s a lot for you money.

After the free trial is up it will cost £14.99 a month.

Improve Your Credit Score

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Safety & Security

They have a two factor password ensuring that your account is locked and away from any chance of being hacked. Not only that but their service as a whole is safe as they are very professional about your details and how sensitive the data can be.

They do not offer you personal details to third parties and everything you share is completely confidential, so don’t worry about giving some of your details in a quest to combat a poor credit score.

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Support Team

Another speciality of theirs is being accessible, you can contact them by calling 0344 481 0800. If you’d rather get in touch via e-mail then click here to access their contact details for Credit Expert.

They are easy to call upon whether it is to complain, ask for advice or report fraud. They have a whole fraud support team for all customers that are part of Experian Credit Expert UK.


In order to cancel your subscription to Experian CreditExpert, simply log in and go to Subscriptions and Payments. Here you can cancel your subscription, but make sure to keep your free account to keep the information you have. You are also able to cancel by contacting a member of the team who will help you!

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Our Verdict

Overall, we were impressed with Experian Credit Expert as it offers an all-round service that can be utilised by the everyday person, ticking all boxes. If you want an easy-to-use credit report that not only highlights your finances and helps your understanding but protects your identity in the process, then this seems to be a good option.

Another site we were impressed with, which you might want to have a look at, is Check My File. If you have any questions for our team, make certain to get in touch.

We were impressed with many elements, mostly their versatility to offer identity theft, reports, fraud support and daily updates. This is the full package for just £14.99 a month, it keeps you up to date and offers numerous coaching techniques.

You will always be able to phone up and contact their team on the number listed above meaning that you have a fraud support team at the ready.

It may be lacking with social media profiling and some of the more intricate details but this is tailored to the normal person looking to improve their rating.

In that instance, we give them the thumbs up and definitely recommend their service. There’s plenty to be enjoyed with tips, financial support and of course identity protection.

6.7 Total Score
Experian CreditExpert Review

We would recommend Experian CreditExpert for those looking for a credit report, as the site is straightforward and secure.

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Clear website
  • Easy to use
  • Secure login
  • Long load times on certain data
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